March 8th ECHO Results

Huge thank you to everyone who came out and had a good time today. The weather was perfect!  For a winter series it sure felt like spring.  Golden View Ranch is a beautiful facility and we are very thankful they were kind enough to host us again.

Stay tuned for photos from OOAK Imagery. Check out their website and purchase a photo!

We had several folks show up for our guided course walk this morning.  I hope you found your guide helpful and that we see you at the next ECHO!

This go around we had some folks who came and long lined some of their horses.  Long lining or ground driving is a great way to get your young or green horses out and about to experience new things.  ECHO welcomes all and congratulations to those who participated in our long line class!

The open driving was competitive! Our accuracy and speed and with the rock tunes blasting the fun doesn’t disappoint!  Well done guys!

Green and new is cool!  We strive to keep this event open, friendly with lots of volunteers to help new people and horses a like.  Our W/T Driving entry had 2 good rounds with new pony.  Bowing out on the last round these 2 finished happy ending the new pony’s experience away on a good note.  Congratulations Kevin and Tater.

Yes! ECHO welcomes riders too!  Belle the Clydesdale came to join in the fun this afternoon.  After learning her course with the Optimum time she picked up the pace for Progressive and Fastest time!  Welcome! We hope you had fun.  Lindsay decided to try and ride her pony, sans saddle. Good job staying on!

We aren’t sure how he does it but for the 2nd time in a row Witt Bates had his name pulled out of the hat to win his entry fee back.