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The purpose of the Club is to promote the sport of driving of horses and ponies to carriages, both competitively and for pleasure. To educate current and prospective drivers in the techniques of safe and fun carriage driving. To organize driving events and to facilitate the organization of driving events by others, including the rendering of technical assistance to event organizers and the publishing of event calendars.To be a medium through which carriage drivers may meet other drivers in this area to swap ideas and be supportive of each other.

Article II – Membership. Section 1. Membership Classes. (from WNYCCA Bylaws)
Membership shall be open to anyone interested in fostering the objectives of this organization.
There shall be four classes of members:

  1. Family Membership includes up to 2 senior members and any junior members in household (under 18), with 2 voting privileges.
  2. Individual Membership includes 1 senior member, with 1 voting privilege.
  3. Junior Membership is for any junior member (under 18), with no voting privilege
  4. Associate Membership includes 1 Senior member, with no voting privileges. This reduced rate membership is for non-local event participants.

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Membership Type:

Family, Individual, Junior, Associate


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