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The location for our Sunday July 11th ECHO has been moved from Twin Birch Farm to Cazenovia College! Here is the new address:
Cazenovia College
4460 Woodfield Rd
Cazenovia, NY 13035
We will see you all there


Sign in: 9:30am
Course Walk: 10am
First Heat Starts 11am

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ECHO stands for Equine Cones Hazards Obstacles and is for horse people of all disciplines to enjoy their Equines and HAVE FUN! ECHO was started to offer a safe, fun place to work with your horse and to be around other knowledgeable horse people. Fun and safety are our top priorities; if you, your horse, and your equipment are safe – then it’s time to have fun!!

ECHO offers something for everyone! Entrants can participate with any safe equipment regardless of style; riding, driving, or even long-lining! ECHO is excellent for cross-training in many disciplines and you can choose how you want to use the course to better your skills.

Participants will navigate a course in the correct order and avoid knocking balls off of cones or tipping over barrels as these are faults and will count against them.

The three different classes all have specific goals and distinctions:

  • Optimum requires a consistent pace through the course, entrants are given the optimum time for the course and must do their best to match it!
  • Progressive mixes speed and stamina, entrants are given a set time and must pass through as many numbered cones or lettered gates in order as they can, continuing from the end of the course back to the start until their time has run out!
  • Hot Lap is the class for those who love speed, entrants pass through the course one time and the fastest time wins!



  • Open Horse Driving (12.2hh+)
  • Open Pony Driving (12.2hh and Under)
  • Open Riding
  • Amateur Horse Driving (12.2hh+)
  • Amateur Pony Driving (12.2hh and Under)
  • Novice Horse Driving (12.2hh+)
  • Novice Pony Driving (12.2hh and Under)
  • Novice Riding

Open and Amateur entries may compete at any speed or gait that is safe and healthy for the Equine and Athlete to complete the course to the best of their ability for each Class

Novice entries may NOT encourage their equine to canter or gallop. Primary gait is to be walk/trot and penalties will be incurred should faster gaits deemed to be encouraged.

Classes & Scoring:
There will be three (3) classes offered at each event and every Entry will permit that Equine and their Athlete to attempt the course once for each class.

Based off accuracy to time given for one lap on the course in the correct order as numbered/lettered.

Closest Entry to the time given is favored, regardless if the time completed is under or over the time given.

Faults on course will incur a five (5) second detriment to the time completed.

If the time completed is over the time given, the five (5) second detriment is added to the time completed.

If the time completed is under the time given, the five (5) second detriment is subtracted from the time completed.

Based off speed and stamina for the duration of three (3:00) minutes allowed on course.

Entry to proceed through course as numbered/lettered continuing from last gate back to first gate and through the course as far as possible until the time allowed is called.

Once last gate is completed on any lap the entire course becomes “live” again for subsequent laps.

When time allowed is called the Entry is to proceed immediately to and through the start/finish from any
direction to stop their time completed. Time completed
shall be used in the event of a tie with the fastest time being favored to break the tie.

Entry with the most gates passed through in correct order minus faults is favored.

Faults on course will be a detriment of that gate for the time it is passed through and faulted, AND every
subsequent time it is passed through even if it is not faulted again.

Hot Lap
Based off speed and accuracy for one lap on the course in the correct order as numbered/lettered.

Fastest time completed will be favored.

Faults on course will incur a 10 second detriment added to the time completed.


General Rules

  • All Participants must wear an approved ASTM helmet.
  • All Carriage Drivers must carry a whip in hand.
  • Available for ages 10 and up
  • Coggins within 2 years and Rabies 1 year required to unload.
  • Unsafe behavior or equipment will be excused from the show

Additional information


18 and Over, Under 18


Open Horse Driving, Open Pony Driving, Open Riding, Amateur Horse Driving, Amateur Pony Driving, Novice Horse Driving, Novice Pony Driving, Novice Riding

Show Date

June 20th, July 11, August 22, September 12, October 31

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  1. Lindsay Klik (verified owner)

    The fun low key atmosphere of an ECHO has greatly improved my ability to handle cones courses when at an ADS show. The crowd gets involved, music is great and the courses well designed and for both newbies and seasoned members.

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